Our Legacy

Apart from being one of the most well-respected high-end residential builders in Los Angeles, Tyler Development Corporation is first and foremost a family run company. Tyler Udall joined his father Ron at TDC in 2003 but has been following in his footsteps long before that. Ron instilled in him at a very young age the importance of a strong work ethic and with that, Tyler was not only able to attend Ron’s alma matter UCLA, but to carry on the standards Tyler Development Corporation holds itself to today. They not only enjoy a professional relationship with one another but often spend time outside of work golfing, traveling and sharing in their passion for the Lakers. It is this close bond that has allowed the company to thrive and evolve into a modern business while still being rooted in traditional values. As we look into the future, we know that Tyler Development Corporation’s will be bright and long as Tyler intends to move Ron’s legacy forward while maintaining the level of integrity that is the backbone of this company.